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Usually, when people talk about legume production, they think about peanuts. They think about green peas.  In other words, they think about the crops themselves.  Make no mistake about it, if you are going to be cultivating and growing legumes on some sort of a large-scale operation, please understand that you also have to focus on the overall production efficiency.

Now, it’s one thing to see a massive cultivation plan on paper.  As you probably already know, there are lots of plans that look good on paper but tend to run into all sorts of operational problems when they are actually carried out.  Unfortunately, legume production is one of these things.

Make no mistake about it, if you’re going to be using some sort of agricultural machinery, you are going to need spare parts and you’re going to need them quickly and frequently.  High-quality and high-volume agricultural production require an economy of scale.  If you are reading this and are in any way familiar with modern agriculture, you know this by the head.

In fact, you know the ins and outs of a typical large-scale production.  You need machines. You need the right kind of equipment to plan as large area as possible.

Similarly, when it comes to fertilization and punishment, you still the need for machines.  Usually,  farmers address this issue with tractors, but that can only go so far.  There are, of course, support vehicles that you need to ensure that all the resources in a typical farm get from Point A to Point B  as quickly as possible.

Of course, this requires support vehicles like pickup trucks and similar high-volume vehicles.  These are heavy-duty automotive units designed to withstand a tremendous amount of punishment.  What happens when wear and tear issues enter the picture?  What happens if one of these units catches a

flat out there in the middle of your production area?

Well, these are the things you need to plan for.  You can’t wait for these things to just crop up and just have you deal with them.  You can’t handle these efficiently by the seat of your pants.  That’s just not going to work.  That’s a non-starter.

Do yourself a big favor and have a spare parts procurement policy laid out ahead of time.  This saves a tremendous amount of headaches and can go a long way in making the overall agricultural production system, whether it’s small-scale or large-scale setup, run more efficiently.

Make no mistake about it, even if you are planting legumes or any other kind of cover crop, you need to be as efficient as possible because if you don’t count your dollars and cents, don’t be surprised if you end up in the red.  Make no mistake about it, the wear and tear and everyday operations of heavy machinery and their support vehicles require you to have access to spare parts on a pretty much round-the-clock basis.

This is why 247 Spares is such a life-saver.  It really is.  You only need to whip out your mobile phone and after a few taps on your screen, the spare parts for your farm support vehicles will be on their way.  There is no unnecessary drama.  There are no thrills, chills, and spills.  You just need to identify the parts that you need to be replaced, order them through your mobile phone, and you are good to go.

Make no mistake about it, if you want to take the efficiency of your legume operation to a whole another level, you cannot go without 247 Spares.

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