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Offshore web hosting happens to be the practice of hosting a website on servers situated outside one’s own nation so as to gain some particular benefit. Technically, anytime you have a website hosted on foreign servers you’re engaging in offshore hosting. But, the term means that you’re doing so consciously to achieve some certain goal, normally related to security, freedom or privacy.

Majority of the hosting companies, regardless of where their servers are located, provide a majority of the same simple services that include VPS, dedicated, and shared servers. This can apply to both offshore and onshore hosting as well.

People have been outsourcing and offshoring for a very long time, and an important feature of the contemporary economy happens to be the reality of globalization. If it’s cheaper to produce t-shirts in one nation than in another, you could be sure that there are a lot of individuals moving their t-shirt for operations there. It is just a fact of life.

Another life’s fact happens to be government interest in virtually every human life activity, especially communication and business. Through censorship, regulations, criminalization, and taxes, governments of all nations make it hard (or, at least, less profitable) to be involved in specific types of things or say specific types of businesses.

Businesses move manufacturing from one nation to the other in a bid to limit production costs. Web hosting is a bit different, though. Individuals and businesses often move their servers from one nation to the other so as to limit legal risk.

Issues with Offshore Hosting Strategies

While moving hosting to one country where the business activity or content is legal is really helpful, it does not give total protection from regulation at all times.

The major reason people get involved in offshore hosting — looking for freedom from government intrusion — is the cause of the danger. Governments that have plans to intrude on your activity would normally look for a way to do it, and offshoring is not a guarantee that you would be safe.

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