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What are the best golf shoes you can possibly find on the market? It is not advisable for me to provide an answer to this question by providing you with the name of a particular brand, this is because in the golf shoe community there are about 5 leading brands that are giving the consumers their money’s worth. Here’s an ultimate guide to some of the characteristics that you should look out for when looking for great golf shoes

1 – Traction

The best golf shoes for the game of golf are the ones that provide the user with traction and stability during golf play. It is important that your feet maintain stability and traction while you are about hitting a golf ball, feet stability and traction ensure that the intended energy is effectively transferred to the golf club to the ball. One of the best ways of achieving this much-desired stability and traction is by utilizing deeply threaded spike-less shoes or spiked shoes. If you intend in employing spiked shoes, it is advised that you look for the options fashioned from rubber spikes.

2 – Waterproof

One other characteristic of a great golf shoe for the game of golf is their capability to prevent the entry of water when the golfer is on a wet golf course. There is no golfer that wants water sipping into their golf shoe, being one of the issues they are worried about while in the middle of a golf game.

3 – Comfort and Durability

This goes a long way without saying, a good golf shoe should guarantee the golfers leg not just comfort but also durability. Golf is a game that demands lots of walking around and the best golf footwear is one that can withstand that sort of pressure applied while on the golf course while walking around during a game. The best golf shoes are designed in such a manner that they meet both needs of comfort and durability at the same time when they are worn by the golfer.

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