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Healthy Vegetables to Eat

Are you a fan of vegetables?

If so then you probably know several ones by name. However, you might be wondering which veggies are the healthiest ones. Here are some you should definitely consider adding to your everyday diet:

Alliaceae Family

These veggies are some of the most important cooking vegetables. For example, onions and garlic are some of the most common herbs found in any kitchen. The strong and powerful vegetables are helpful for protecting you from heart disease, cancer, etc. Not only that but they can help to make foods taste even better. They include onion, garlic, chives, shallot, and leek.

Fabaceae Family

These foods include beans, lentils, and legumes. These are excellent foods for vegans/vegetarians since they’re full of protein. They can also provide an excellent plant-based source of protein. These foods are healthy, easy to prepare, and affordable. Another plus is that most of these vegies can be eaten raw. Examples of this kind of vegetable include beans, soybean, clover, lentil, pea, and peanut.

Cucurbitaceae Family

This is also known as the gourd family of vegetables. These are excellent summer veggies since they’re not very strong and can be eaten raw. It should be noted that while they’re used as veggies in cooking they’re technically fruits since they contain seeds. Some examples include:







What’s most important is that these are excellent ingredients to add to your dishes in order to make them healthier and tastier.

Apiaceae Family

This is also known as the parsley family. It’s a family of plants where many root veggies/spices exist. Veggies in this family are usually cooked with each other because the flavors complement each other. They’re also used in the cuisines of different world regions. Some examples include carrot, celery, parsley, and parsnip,

Asteraceae Family

This is also known as the composite family or daisy family of veggies. This actually includes more than 23,000 kinds of plants including daisies. This group of flowering plants is one of the biggest ones on Earth. This family of veggies includes many veggies and herbs including lettuce, artichokes, and tarragon.

Brassicaceae Family

You’ve probably heard of cruciferous vegetables, which are part of his family. They’re some of the most famous green leafy vegetables. These plans are believed to fight cancer due to a large amount of phytochemicals found in them. They’re also high in fiber and vitamins so they’re important if you want to maintain a healthy diet. They include foods like cauliflower, turnip, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, and Chinese cabbage, kale, radish, wasabi, mustard, and bok choy.

Solanaceae Family

This family is also referred to as the potato family. These are important in many people’s diets even though several of them have high amounts of toxic alkaloids. However, the compounds aren’t a problem if the foods are prepared correctly. It’s important to know when the foods show a sign of toxicity. Some examples of these types of veggies include potato, pepper, eggplant, and chili pepper.

These are some of the main types of veggies. Which ones will you add to your next dishes?