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Louis Vuitton could be really strict on their policy when it comes to customers buying their products such as the Louis Vuitton bags 2017. This is due to the fact they are so keen on protecting their brand. As a result of that a few people might be blacklisted for doing particular things, this article would tell you three reasons why you could be blacklisted.

  1. Purchasing Multiples of the Same Model

You might be blacklisted if you are buying more than two of the same model at the same time in a suspicious way. Purchasing several of the same models is a big red flag due to the fact that Louis Vuitton hates counterfeiters and resellers therefore if you are going to buy more than one or two bags at the same time you might be accused of being a reseller.

There are price variations between nations and Louis Vuitton just do not like it when individuals take advantage of that and buy just for the purpose of reselling at various places for profits.

  1. Too many returns

If they see you returning several items, they would become really suspicious. Numerous reasons why individuals return used bags could be due to the fact that they are simply buying for the purpose of counterfeiting.

  1. You Bought Online

Louis Vuitton has a 5 item limit in a calendar year for a combination of SLGs and/or bags. When purchasing online, your order history could be easily tracked a lot more and if they see any pattern that points to the fact that you are a reseller then you would get banned.

For those who go to the store locations, they could be able to bypass purchasing items over the limit if they are paying by cash. It is simply much easier to track the buys of customers online.

There are examples as well where Louis Vuitton Paris would have more restrictions on people of the Asian country of China, where they are just allowed one Louis Vuitton bags 2017 per customer.

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