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Swaddling your baby simply implies covering your baby with a blanket for warmth and safety. It can help lessen the effect of disruptions as a result of the startled reflexes they experience and will assist in keeping your newborn in good condition until they are able to adapt to the new environmental condition. Swaddling your baby will also help provide some soothing effects to calm them. For some important information, check out this infographic and video of how to swaddle your baby.

After the delivery session, the medical personnel at the hospital are more likely to teach you how to cover and wrap your baby before they release you to go home. They place more emphasis on the benefits of swaddling your baby to ensure a sound and quiet sleep. You can only sleep well when your baby is perfectly comfortable.

Another great reason to perform this task is that it has been discovered to help lessen the effect of SIDS. Swaddling helps keep the baby in a stable condition and prevent them from rolling on their stomach while sleeping, helps in keeping a cool temperature and it also ensures the safety of your baby and it does not cause any discomfort or complication.

Your newborn baby tends to always take a nap during the first month of their life and they live a quiet and inactive life.  Swaddling your baby will make them feel comfortable and produce the same effect as if they are inside the womb. However, after a short period, you can decide to swaddle your baby only at sleep time as they need to explore their environment and move freely.

Meanwhile, you can keep your baby in this blanket as long as they don’t complain. Not all babies can adapt to this. Once you discover that your baby gives you signs that they are no longer interested ensure to stop immediately as this can lead to disruptions and more complications for you and your babies. Some of these signals include crying, kicking or twisting themselves out of their blanket.

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